Troubles of Middle Earth - Documentation

The Guide to the Gods.

1.  Introduction
        Everybody likes to have a little helping hand now and then.  What
could be better than having a god on your side?  But it's not quite that easy.
The gods won't help just any mortal who calls for help.  You have to give them
a little something too.

2.  How Do I Get in on This?
        When you start a character, you get a choice of whether or not you
wish to begin worshipping a God (unless you're something like a priest - they
*must* start with a God to worship). If you do choose to be a follower of one
of the Gods, you will gain certain abilities provided you do not do things
that displease them. The measure of how happy your God is with you is your
piety - the Pt stat is your measure of piety. Different actions will allow you
to gain or lose piety over time. Choose your God carefully too, as once you 
have chosen to worship one, you cannot forsake him/her for another

3.  So, Who Are These Gods?
        In ToME, there are five Gods you may choose to worship, being:
1. Eru Iluvatar - the father of the Valar.
2. Manwe Sulimo - the second strongest of the Valar (Morgoth was the strongest).
3. Yavanna Kementari - the Earth Queen who created plants and animals.
4. Tulkas - another of the Valar, Tulkas values strength and courage.
5. Melkor Bauglir - the Dark Enemy himself, once the most powerful of the Valar.

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